What sets HiLITE Business Park a class apart is the multitude of facilities available.! Amidst the outdated work environment, HiLITE Business Park is a place where occupiers can both work and enjoy. The modern-day Business Park boasts an array of amenities. HiLITE Business Park has a full range of amenities, including cafes, an ATM, a Bank, a Podium, an amphitheatre, a gym, a board room, a rooftop cafeteria, and a parking facility for 1200 cars and many more!


A perfect welcome space is always a headstart that justifies the age-old telling ‘First impression is the best impression’. The ground floor lobby welcomes innovative minds with its uplifting yet standard outlook developing a basic sense of working in peace and collaboration while enjoying the simplicity.

Coffee Shop

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the halls of the Business Park, powering up the minds and soothing the souls of those in need. This spacious coffee shop is indeed a place of respite and comfort, when in need of a break from work to boost your energy.

Food Court

One of the highlights of the HiLITE Business Park is definitely the rooftop food court, with a built-in cafe catering to the cravings of the hungry! This is not a mere dining place but an area of relaxation as well. This open space provides scope for imagination, enhancing the opportunity of developing new friendships.

Victoria hall

Accommodating over 200 people, this enormous hall is the first choice for all kinds of business events, seminars and conferences. This spacious hall has a sizeable stage area, making it efficient for business meetings.

Board Room

HiLITE Business Park’s Board Room plays the part of being the perfect space for conducting meetings and conferences, which are unavoidable in the case of corporate companies. A professional boardroom that is integrated with audio and video solution.

Co-working Spaces

The Business Park houses numerous co-working spaces where employees find an escape from the monotonous routine. These working spaces are lifesavers for small scale companies that don’t require a full office space.


Another major attractive feature of us is our parking space, the magnificent parking of the Business Park definitely stands out. Accommodating over 1200 vehicles at a time, parking is never an issue here.

Open Terrace

A visit to the open terrace is enough to shake things up on a bad day. This open space is spread over a large area, enhancing a calm atmosphere in the midst of a bustling city. The open stage, breathtaking views and a playful cool breeze are all a part of it.

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